Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'll know it's love when it's like music.

So I had all these great thoughts leaking from me last night and I came home and read a bit then passed out.

Maybe they will come back to me.

I decided that my purpose in life is just that, life. I have been given a passion for the goodness in the world; music, people, nature- these things always make me stop in my tracks.

It is up to me what I decide to do with this passion.

I do feel like I have years ahead of me to feel and live.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hey you punky funky

So Ian posting starting Zoloft got me thinking about Shae's mom. What is depression so deep that you can't deal with it on your own?
After reading Stephen Pressfield's The War of Art I changed my whole outlook on life. I remember the time in my life when I was the complete saddest. The hurt and pure ache inside me made me so much of who I am today. I turned to music to guide me through it, not some junky medicine.
Maybe I don't understand other people, maybe I've never been really depressed-just a dramatic teenager.
I've always been a firm believer in heartbreak defining creativity. Anyone can take a bunch of meds to drown out how they feel. Feelings have to come to the surface someday, like it did with Shae's mom breathing in carbon monoxide in her garage and not being found for 3 days.

Things come to the surface whether you let them or not.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Last for the semester

I'll be posting here more instead of LiveJournal, I think. It seems pretty organized.
This is my last post for my class.

Name: Amanda Reed

Ballet ruins good toes: Nutcracker tutus

I wanted to post a picture of Comme des Garcons male tutu. I'm in love with this. I don't know any guys that would be caught dead or alive in a tutu. At least the jacket lets them keep some masculinity.
I've wanted to do PR in the fashion industry for a while now, but sadly the more people I meet in the industry the more I'm rethinking my career. I don't want to become souless.

Refreshing Roadkill?

One of my friends on LiveJournal posted a while back about the refreshing way she found someone had portrayed fashion in photography.
I opened the spread and it depicted models, dead with blood coming out of their mouths, shown in landfills, being stepped on as roadkill.
While it was nice to not see the same fashion spreads I am used to... the fact that women were not only depicted as "objects" they were now dead.
Photographer Izima Kaoru is responsible for this "refreshing" roadkill.
Oh but isn't that Marni dress beautiful?
Got anything to get the bloodstains out?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

What does a feminist look like?

I remember when I was younger... about 18 after being heartbroken a few times I began reading all this feminist literature. I was really into all the ideas that I hadn't been used to, growing up in a Southern Baptist home, not much room is left for thinking that you can do the same things a man can. My mom always told me about a verse that talks about a woman serving his husband. The same verse also says a man "should love his wife like the Father loves his Church" which I would assume most husbands don't.
I found the magazine "Bitch" and decided I wasn't as angry as most of the writers in feminist lit. Feminism should be about equality and setting the records straight, not being better than a man or degrading them. So I guess I'm calling myself a Humanist and not a feminist anymore.

Girls tag walls too.

Check out for Fafi's graffiti art.

Men don't drink flavored martinis.

I was working the other day on two middle aged men. They both started out with a beer to compliment thier cigars.
The man wanted to order an Apple martini next. His friend started harrassing him about "what kind of MAN, orders that drink?"
Ten minutes later, he calls me over to ask what the percentage is of men that order an Apple martini. I was like, honestly I haven't had a man order that from me working here.
The martini man said he was secure enough in his masculinity to drink it.
His friend would not shuddap about it.
It's a drink and it tastes good. Why does it matter if you are male or female to drink it?
Pretty stupid, just like a lot of things that society says "a man" should do and a "woman" shouldn't.

She Jay

I found some really great websites while researching for my paper. is all about Female's in the DJ industry- interviews, upcoming events, etc.

I've seen a few of the girls on the site play in Dallas.

Fear of the Unknown

The other day at work someone said "Erica is Cambodian" and the girl goes "I thought she was Asian?"

This made me realize that so many people don't take the time to understand anything about culture other than their own. Even though understanding that Cambodian IS Asian is part of common sense, so many young people are so self involved they don't even have the desire to learn about something that is not of themselves. I have always been interested in culture and hope that I get to spend a big part of my life learning about other people. There are so many places that I want to see. I'm from a very small town in Texas. Some people are born there, live and die there never seeing anything outside of it's 30 mile radius.

I find this extremely disturbing.
Knowledge is power.
So much hatred and bigotry comes from not understanding the "foreign".

Fear of the unknown.

Password Lock

I would also like to remind Dr. Lambiase, that I had problems logging in during the semester, so my dates on blogs are not correct.

Final Paper: Gender Roles in House Music

I couldn't find enough information over graffiti, like I wanted to earlier for my paper so I'm writing over how the female icon (through vocals, etc.) is used in house music, a predominately male industry. I have interviewed various Dallas DJ's for sources as well.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Everybody knows someone

Dr. Lambiase seems so strong and positive about going through chemo.
My nephew passed away from brain cancer a year ago in October.

The strength that poured out of him was something not of himself.
I miss him, but I will always remember when we sang Cake's "Sheep Go To Heaven".

His mother asked him if he would be here for his birthday and he told her no.
He passed the day before he turned 10 years old.


I really liked this film even though it made my stomach ache in certain parts.
It was very uncomfortable during the scenes where they were doing the show.
I think a tear released when he put on "the black face".
Spike Lee makes a controversial film, which he is known for, that didn't do so well because it was so hard to swallow.

Not many people from the class had much to say after it was over. It left me speechless.
There are definately roles that the public expects black actors to play.

Hopefully in the future the roles will expand and the publics mind will be more open to change.

Ms. Pac Man vs. Lara Croft

The other day I added Ms. PacMan as a game on my cell phone.
It got me thinking about video game body image.
Ms. Pac Man has body image? Well, she doesn't even have a body actually.

The body image in video game heroines has morphed from a yellow circle head to that of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, whom the very busty Angelina Jolie played in the movies.

I wonder if Lara Croft would have been accepted in the early 70's.

The differences in the two characters are obviously drastic. I can't imagine many guy gamers talking about how they wished their girlfriend would dress up like Ms. PacMan.

However many find Lara's body image extremely hot.

But I guess you don't need that much sex appeal when you are eating dots and running away from Monsters named Pinky.

Monday, September 12, 2005

First Day

First day, let's get this out of the way.
I'm rhyming.